13 Questions To Ask A Lawn Care Professional Before Signing A Contract

Choosing a lawn service requires research in order to ensure your lawn care program maintains a healthy lawn and trees. Year-round lawn care is beneficial for homeowners seeking to improve the beauty of their lawn, but not all lawn care professionals have the expertise to diagnose problems and implement solutions.

Quality tree and shrub care along with expert soil testing methods are just some of the benefits your lawn service should offer. A comprehensive lawn care program relies on the experience and knowledge base of educated lawn care professionals to deliver exceptional results.

When you begin your search for a lawn service, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint what changes need to be implemented in your lawn and what questions to ask your lawn care provider. Ask a lawn care professional these questions before agreeing to purchase a service.

Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawn Service

  1. Do you need to see my lawn before I accept a service contract?
  2. Is the type of grass in my lawn adapted for growth in my region, and are you able to deliver a dense and dark green turf?
  3. If my grass is not adapted for growth in my region, what is your recommendation and what is the timeline?
  4. Are there any weeds in my lawn that are not able to be safely and effectively controlled?
  5. If there are weeds you are unable to control, what is your recommendation and what is the timeline?
  6. How are the trees on my property going to impact the long-term health of my lawn?
  7. Does my irrigation system provide uniform water coverage?
  8. Do you recommend a fungicide program, and is the cost included?
  9. Do you conduct a soil test before or at the time of the initial service?
  10. Do you test soil annually, and what additional nutrients are likely required?
  11. How long does it take to correct acidic soil?
  12. Does my lawn need to be aerated, and if so, is it necessary to do it annually?
  13. If I see a problem, how long does it take for someone to come look at my lawn?

Choosing Your Lawn Maintenance Program

While you are interviewing your lawn care professional, take note of whether they answer your questions directly or attempt to promote their services without regard to your lawn care needs.

A trustworthy lawn maintenance service does not diagnose your lawn’s problems or offer solutions without inspecting your lawn themselves and using expert soil testing methods to get to the root of the issue.

It is beneficial to write down the answers each lawn care professional provides you in regards to your most pressing questions and compare these answers in order to narrow down your options when choosing a service. Professionals who answer your questions in the most educated way demonstrate their ability to create a quality lawn care program that suits your needs.

Choosing an effective year-round lawn care provider has the potential to improve the beauty of your property and help you grow a healthy lawn and trees. It’s important not to rush into a decision, and asking the right questions allows you to gain a better understanding of who is able to deliver results.

Maintaining a healthy lawn year-round also requires an informed plan and a significant amount of work. Learn more about the steps you should take each season to ensure a beautiful lawn.

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