5 Tips From Local Experts On Lawn Care In Delaware

When you are creating a lawn care program for your Delaware home, it is often helpful to consult local resources. Lawn care experts in the Delmarva region are familiar with your home’s soil type, unique environmental conditions, common lawn problems and the best techniques for growing a green lawn.

Instead of relying on information from lawn services and websites that lack expertise in Delaware-specific agronomy, conduct research for your lawn maintenance routine by consulting Delaware lawn care expert advice. Follow these 5 tips to promote a healthy landscape in your region.

Your lawn service should check your irrigation heads on a consistent basis. Sprinklers vary in distribution patterns, but the water spray should always overlap.

Try placing coffee cans or other straight-sided containers on the lawn to measure how much water your lawn is receiving in specific areas. Containers placed in separate zones should show that water application.

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