Chuck Mezger

My wife and I moved from Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC in 2003 to Lewes, DE. Since then we’ve searched constantly for a good landscaper. NONE compared to the professional service we got back in Maryland until we finally hired Lawns Unlimited to handle ALL our landscaping needs in 2018. I was trying to do much of it myself, but my back finally gave out and I had to accept reality.

I couldn’t be happier than I am now with Lawns Unlimited. They have experts in every aspect of Landscaping: Grass cutting; mulching; applications to the trees and shrubs to protect them and make them thrive; applications to the lawn to make it look like the best in the neighborhood; an irrigation program second to none; and the most professional staff you could ever meet.

We gave up three years ago on another local landscaping firm that was just plain belligerent, one of the “owners” constantly yelling at us if we raised even a minor complaint. We no longer have that problem. With Lawns Unlimited, the customer is in charge. And Lawns Unlimited listens to the customer! We couldn’t be more pleased with this firm than we are now.

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