What Lawn Irrigation Companies Don’t Tell You About Watering Your Lawn

lawns5To grow a healthy lawn , it is important to provide adequate hydration for all of your landscape plants. Lawn irrigation companies are able to install sprinkler systems that ensure your lawn is watered properly. However, many irrigation services neglect to teach their clients about lawn maintenance routines for watering their grass.

Your lawn care program should not just include watering your lawn as needed, which may be daily during hot, breezy and dry weather . A certain amount of knowledge is required to grow a green lawn, such as using the proper mowing height and frequency. Discover proper watering techniques recommended by agronomists and lawn care experts.

Understand Your Irrigation Zones

Learn about your irrigation system so you are able to operate sprinklers and locate different irrigation zones. Sprinklers have many different distribution patterns, but these spray patterns should overlap for uniform coverage.

It is helpful to place coffee cans or straight-sided containers on the lawn to measure how many inches of water your landscape is receiving.  In areas prone to wilt, it may be necessary to  irrigate these affected zones more frequently and for longer durations.

Adjust The Amount Of Water For Each Season

When weather conditions are relatively cool and moist in the spring and fall, you don’t need to water your lawn daily or for  long periods of time. Additionally, you should reduce frequency when watering in spring since this practice will encourage deeper rooting.

In the summer, however, increase watering frequency and the amount of time your sprinklers remain on for each watering session. Warmer and drier conditions mean that your turf needs more hydration to support a green lawn.

You may identify grass that is too dry by a purple or blue-gray tinge and the tendency not to spring back up after being stepped on. Brown spots and areas that appear stressed near sidewalks and driveways are also strong indications that your lawn is not receiving enough water.

Have Sprinklers Checked By A Lawn Irrigation Company

Don’t forget to have your irrigation system checked, or audited, if you must increase watering time and frequency due to chronic wilt problems in certain areas of the lawn. This issue may be caused by a deficiency in your sprinkler system.

It is also important to fix leaks, repair valves and unclog sprinkler heads according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If your sprinklers produce a fog or fine mist, this is a sign that the system pressure is too high. You may not notice issues with your irrigation system right away, so it is recommended to regularly schedule system checkups with a lawn irrigation company.

Implementing a lawn maintenance routine that includes proper irrigation is a smart step towards achieving a lush, dark-green lawn. Remember these expert irrigation tips when beginning a new lawn care program or modifying your current program.

If you have more questions about your sprinkler system, whether you wish to install an irrigation system or need detailed information on how much water your lawn should receive, speak with your local irrigation service to receive guidance. Industry professionals at Lawns Unlimited have the experience and knowledge to address your concerns.

Ready to learn how to design lawn maintenance routines for each season? Customize your lawn care program for a healthy lawn all year.

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