Pat Heil

On April 21,2008 we had our irrigation system start up visit from Lawns Unlimited. What a pleasure it was to work with James Connell. James gave me a tutorial of the sprinkler system workings. He inspected each zone, sprinkler head and drip line telling me about the ins and outs of it all as I followed him around. He was respectful of our property, being careful not to damage a single blade of grass. James was so personable and professional all the while working and talking to me to help me understand. He never made me feel as though I were annoying with all my many questions as he took time to answer every one of them. By the time James left, I felt as if I had been to a sprinkler system clinic. You must feel very fortunate to have an employee with such dedication, skill, integrity, and dependability.
I now you have a very happy customer in Overbrook Shores.

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