Rick Huff

We had a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and working around the yard on our new home. What really made it absolutely wonderful is the amount of attention our yard got from the neighbors and people out walking enjoying the weather. We heard the usual comments on how nice the yard looks, and how your yard is the best looking yard in the neighborhood. The most rewarding experience was when this couple was passing by in their car; stop and stated, “It is such a pleasure just to admire your yard and home, this home needs to be in Better Homes and Garden”. And then they noticed your irrigation sign in the flowerbed, and of course I had to tell them that you are the best in business, as my yard proves.
I remit gladly my payment for the service invoice and a $3,000 dollar deposit on my sod construction on my beautiful yard.
Thanks for installing such a sophisticated, yet simple irrigation system for my use, even I can use it.

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