Carol & Nelson Dempsey

Thanks for all of your help “above and beyond”. Our lawn looks great always we get many compliments. We also refer you due to our satisfaction.

Pat Heil

On April 21,2008 we had our irrigation system start up visit from Lawns Unlimited. What a pleasure it was to work with James Connell. James gave me a tutorial of the sprinkler system workings. He inspected each zone, sprinkler head and drip line telling me about the ins and outs of it all as I followed him around. He was … Read More

Mike & Ellen Carta

We wanted to express to you both how appreciative we are to have you two in business. When we came to DE and looking for a company for a sprinkling system, little did we know that we would be fortunate enough to have such caring and wonderful people do ours. Then, we are in trouble with the worst winter season … Read More

Rev. Raymond L. Forester, VF

On behalf of St. Edmond’s, I want to thank you for your thoughtful and generous donation of services for our 2008 lawn care and the Fall Core Aeration. It is people like you who help the Church accomplish many good things in the Lord. May God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Rick Huff

We had a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and working around the yard on our new home. What really made it absolutely wonderful is the amount of attention our yard got from the neighbors and people out walking enjoying the weather. We heard the usual comments on how nice the yard looks, and how your yard is the best … Read More

Jan Monihan

A note of appreciation for a job well done by a group of hard working detail oriented gentlemen. I like to express my thanks because most people only call with their complaints.

Rick Huff

My yard is absolutely beautiful. With the grass turning green, the outlines of the sod strips are disappearing. We are ready for the good news on your invoice. Thank you very much!

Jim & Mary Anne Pitenou

Thank you for a great super nice, and professional job you did on our home. The well, sprinkler system and sod all look great! Your service was the top of the line! Thanks again!

Betty & Jed Siebles

The Irrigation system is great. The men you sent di a great job, they worked so hard and you can’t even see where it was done and they cleaned up good! Thanks!

Julie Diem

Just a note to say thank you for your prompt response to our need. I appreciate your working us into your hectic schedule. Your crew was professional and courteous! Again thanks for a job well done – our yard looks beautiful.