Why Do We Soil Test?

We were supposed to begin a discussion of the “year in review” this week, but a very good question was posed recently by one of our new customers, which simply was “why do you need to test soil and why now?” If you are new to Lawns Unlimited, soil testing is one of our more important services. since it enables … Read More

Lawns Unlimited Blog #2

Dollar spot was our most troublesome disease in 2014. Dollar spot is one of the most common diseases of turfgrasses worldwide. It was a chronic problem in tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass lawns from late May to November on Delmarva this year. There are three annual dollar spot epidemics in our region, but the departure of one epidemic and the … Read More

Pink Snow Mold Found On Two Of Our Lawns

There is no shortage of fungi capable of damaging turf during cold periods between late autumn and spring. The two most prominent late winter diseases of lawns are pink snow mold (aka Microdochium patch) and gray snow mold (aka Typhula blight). With the advent of snow melt in late March, two of our tall fescue lawns (that we know about) … Read More

Lawns Unlimited Blog #1

Lawns Unlimited has created this Blog to improve communications with our customers and to provide insights into the difficulties presented by Mother Nature in providing high quality lawns. The blog allows for each customer to interact by sending us questions, observations and concerns regarding their lawn. We welcome photos and discussion. Keep in mind, grasses are living entities that must … Read More