Well Drilling Services

Expert Well Drilling. Our experienced technicians will identify the proper depth to provide the best water quality available on your property.


Why Choose Us?


We use all stainless steel fittings.


We only use stainless steel submersible pumps.

Well Drilling Rigs

Small drilling rig and ground plates to avoid damaging your yard & place your well in convenient location.

Frost free decorative hydrant optional upgrade


You don’t need to hire an electrician or plumber. We handle all wiring & plumbing in house.

We use the best Goulds equipment for all of our installations.

Geoprobe Soil Testing

Advanced Geoprobe soil testing available.

We use stainless steel In-Well no tank installation. It creates a quieter running system, saves space, & more.


We adjust your irrigation heads for the pressure difference of your new well & pump system.

Our Well Services

There is a complex relationship between water wells and irrigation systems. Because all wells have different depths and flow rates, each well solution differs depending on your needs.

Lawns Unlimited provides you with the following well installation choices:

Domestic Wells

Let us help you drill to the best quality drinking water your property has available.

Irrigation / Agricultural Wells

Hydrate your lawn with a separate well specifically for your irrigation systems.

Avoid the high cost of municipal water without the extra cost or strain on your current water system.

Geothermal Wells

Save money on long term energy costs with a Geothermal heating system.

In order to provide the best quality water well, our technicians are trained to install your well, handle electrical connections, install an irrigation hook-up and fine tune your system for the most efficient operation.

Lawns Unlimited Always Strives For Customer Satisfaction

We invest our comprehensive knowledge and superior workmanship in every well we install for our customers. Our number one priority is to provide a well that will suit the needs for what you are using it for.

No matter what type of well you need, we are able to help and assist. No job is too large or small. With our reputation built on experience, we ensure that each well-digging experience exceeds our clients’ high expectations. Feel free to contact us as we look forward to working with you in the future!

Our Well Drilling Team

We take pride in our professionalism for each and every job we do.

Well Drilling Department

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Our staff is always ready to speak with you. If you need regular maintenance, an irrigation system, mosquito control or more, we’re here to help!

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