6 Lawn Aeration Facts From Lawn Service Professionals

lawns2Aerating your lawn achieves positive outcomes when you use the correct methods and aerate at the right time of year. In order to promote a healthy lawn and trees, your lawn service should implement a comprehensive lawn care program that includes aeration.

If you have never had your turf aerated in the past or don’t know very much about lawn aeration, learning more about the proper techniques is a helpful first step towards creating a lawn maintenance routine that results in a lush, dark green turf.

Should lawn aeration be a part of your year-round lawn care program? Discover 6 facts about aeration your lawn service may never have told you about.

Aeration involves coring or opening the surface of your lawn. By creating holes and pulling plugs out of the turf, aeration creates a bypass through the surface organic layer made up of grass plants and dead tissues such as old leaves, stems and roots.

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